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Securing the Mobile Workforce

In the past several years, enterprise technology has undergone a fundamental shift, moving away from monolithic legacy architecture and towards a disaggregated and distributed computing model that is based heavily on the use of cloud and mobility to provide back end and front end compute capability. While this shift has been tremendously beneficial in terms of increases in agility and usability coupled with corresponding decreases in cost and time to delivery the paradigm shift hasn't been without it's problems, notable amongst them the two-headed monster that is Security and Compliance. As computing continues to become ever more distributed, with the Internet of Things being just the next wave to embrace or endure, the security and compliance complications are only going to increase in complexity.

In this environment, enterprise IT must take a proactive position that doesn't simply permit wholesale mobility adoption, but encourages and facilitates it, yet does so in a manner that provides all the security and compliance requirements the business demands. To address the full suite of protection and control capabilities that are required, a full suite of protection and control solutions are needed, ones that offer seamless protection while facilitating unencumbered connectivity and capability. Enterprises that desire to not just stay current in the marketplace, but take a leadership position must make sure that the security envelope they wrap around their mobility platforms is just as leading.


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A CDM Media Event
A CDM Media Event

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Aug 22, 2017 | Seattle, WA, USA


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